Your name is written forever on the palm of my hand
For you are my child and I have a purpose and a plan
Don’t grow weary when it seems too hard to walk
I myself will hold you up and listen when you talk
I know every tear you cry and bend my ear to hear everything you say
I myself will be with you when others have gone away
My child when pain surrounds your soul, when it seems too hard to bear
Just remember I have not forgotten you and I will always be there.
You are unforgettable and I will never leave you.
Don’t listen to the lie that you have been forgotten
While you watch with an aching heart the blessings others have gotten
The time will come for you, dear one, but that time is not for you to know.
Just reach out to me and seek my face, learn from me and grow.
As your destiny unfolds, you will see purpose in the pain endured, and in every loss.
And there will be true fellowship with Me, as you daily bear your cross.
I have not forgotten you, and I know where the road will lead
I know the plans I have for you and I know everything you need
And in due time new blessings will come, new seasons will unfold
But trust in me and be content and I will take your silver and give you gold.
For you are not forgotten and you will never be.
For you are my child and I will love you for all eternity.

(I wrote this poem a time in my life as a response to a question I asked God. In a place of deep pain and questioning, I asked God if He had forgotten about me…and these words of life and comfort came flooding from the Father’s loving heart deep into to my aching heart. I pray that these words will bring life to dead dreams and healing to wounded hearts as it has to mine.)

Love and many blessings to you!