God Shoes

Allow me to introduce you to Isaiah.
If you spend any length of time with our boy Isaiah (yes–even a second!) you’ll find a little boy with passion for life so big that even his body just can’t contain it! Joy flaps from his fingertips as he studies his American Flags (this is a daily thing around our house) wiggling in the wind. He runs to the patio window every morning just in time to see the first sliver of sun peeking over the trees, and each night with nose pressed on the living room window (yes…we have smudge city on my windows!) and no matter how many sunsets he sees, shouts, “WOW isn’t it beautiful?!?” He loves with remarkable abandon and is a cheerleader for many.
Isaiah hasn’t had the picture perfect life. He received an autism spectrum diagnosis as a tiny tot (which in itself is an entirely consuming life challenge for him), is legally blind in one eye, has delayed speech…and probably the biggest blow he has has to overcome is the loss of his momma when he was just three. While he may not have fully understood at the time what was happening in his world, he still knew how to have great joy in the midst of trials. He has since had to adjust to having a lot of new things…a new step-momma (who by the way is absolutely wildly in love with him and his daddy!), starting 5 new schools, 2 major moves, new church, new doctors, new extended family, new routines…for a kid who loves structure and predictability, he is quite a walking miracle!
In the past couple of years, we noticed that Isaiah’s tippy toe walking wasn’t flattening out as some thought it would. He walked and ran on the tips of his toes for years (quite a common trait for children with autism) and it seemed as though walking or standing with heels to the ground was very painful for him. We learned some stretches to help loosen the muscles in his legs and calves, but nothing seemed to really be working. We had been researching several methods for treatment, but they were far to costly, too invasive or too risky. We would often pray for guidance on what to do, but nothing ever seemed to surface. At Isaiah’s 7 year old check up, I shared my concern (as I often did) with the physician and in my heart was expecting the same response from various medical and mental health practitioners that I often did, “Just tell him to walk on his flat feet and reward him when he does” “Get high top sneakers” “he will grow out of it”…but this time, the doctor took a moment and she said, “I’ll write you a referral for a hospital that pays for everything. I believe they may be able to help.”
Fast forward. Isaiah was evaluated by the medical team at Shriner’s Hospital and prescribed a non-surgical treatment called, “Serial casting.” 4 casts on both feet to the knee, and every 2 weeks his feet would be adjusted slightly and re-casted until he could be casted with his feet at a 90 degree angle. He went through the treatment just recently and it worked! We were overwhelmed with joy watching for the first time as Isaiah walked “heel-toe-doe-si-doe” (a little phrase we used to encourage him to walk flat footed) through the hallways of Shriner’s hospital!

While he was walking on his flat feet, we noticed that Isaiah was crouching his knees as he walked and we shared our concern with the doctor at Shriner’s. She prescribed him some leg braces, but we didn’t realize at the time that he would have to get some new shoes, new boots…etc to be able to walk in his braces. We could have searched the thrift stores or asked around, but the day came that he was getting the new braces and still didn’t have the shoes! I decided to pray that very morning. “Father, Isaiah really needs some shoes. This isn’t a surprise to you, and we ask that you would show us the right pair of shoes. You are our provider and I trust you will give Isaiah what he needs.” We went to the fitting appointment for the braces and when we tried to fit his regular shoes around the braces, they didn’t fit. My heart sunk as I knew this was a legit need we just couldn’t afford that week. The gal who made the braces saw the struggle we had trying to fit the shoes over the braces and asked Isaiah’s shoe size. She said, I’ll go trim those braces down a bit more–that should help. But when she returned with his braces, she also brought a pair of size 1 extra wide brand new SHOES! “We don’t ever give shoes away, but we just so happened to have this pair in his size that was donated!”

God cares so much about our needs and even our desires. He is the giver of all good things and makes certain we have all that we need. He knows we could’ve easily scoured second hand shops (any thrifters out there?!? Oh yea!!!!) to find something that could work, or ask around to borrow from someone else. And sometimes He reminds us that He loves it when we trust Him and ask Him for what we need so that He can put brand new size 1 extra wide shoes on the feet of an amazing little warrior.

God shoes. I’m so thankful for Isaiah’s God shoes.

As surely as the new day dawns
We can see Your hand provide
Faithful One is who You are
You have never left our side
You enter into the darkness of night
You bring new mercies,
our daily light.

Peace & Giggles ,