Keep it short. Make it quick. Time is wasting…

tick tock tickTime keeps ticking. Seconds fly. Time is ever passing by.

Family time with phones in hand, Face to face with Facebook Quality time with Instagram.

The little kids now fully grown, Day by day the years have flown. Look at all the time we’ve blown!

Life is a vapor. When will we learn We just have one life There is not another turn? 

So take your time, enjoy the ride. Live it up with loved ones by your side. 

Time is ticking…

Tock tick tock 

Look at the time–there goes the clock…


This little poem just popped into my heart as I was thinking of just how quickly this summer has gone by. Isaiah is napping now and I’m in a sentimental state thinking of how all of the treasured memories we have had with loved ones this summer. There are things we really wanted to do, but never did. People I never got together with who I wish I could see more often. And certainly never got enough journal time with my Jesus. 

And then I get to thinking about what comes after the time on earth runs out. I believe as the Bible says that we will all one day come before God and have to make an account for our lives. I just tremble inside thinking of that day! The glory of His majesty and the deep sorrow of my heart for all that was left undone. I imagine that as I stand before God I will tremble as I am face down before His majesty. I think about the questions I will be faced with, and how my whole life flashes before me even now as I wrote the words! Did I truly know HIM? Did I do what God wanted me to do with my time? Did I honor my commitments? Did I share my faith with those He was calling me to? Was I a faithful servant? Did I live a life that was honoring to Him? Did I stand for Christ even in the face of persecution???

These thoughts bring me to tears as I can say that I am well aware that I have not lived a perfect life. I have missed the mark. None of us have lived exactly as we ought to. But I know for certain we can learn from the past and make a decision to live God-honoring lives. One life. One death. One Savior to cover the sins of our one life. Will we choose to live a fully devoted life for God with our one life or will we live it for ourselves???? As long as we have breath we still have time to choose. But after that…no.more.time.

With love,