“For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.””

Galatians 5:14 NIV

Sometimes the best way we can love someone is to pray for God to bless them. Sounds so simple but even if it doesn’t change them it will change us! When there are people in my world who just aren’t friendly or who are negative on a daily basis, I see that as an opportunity to put a prayer target on them! They automatically get an arrow with their name on it that gets shot to Heaven daily!

It is my mission to pray for the frowny-faced grumps every day and give a smile to them even if they don’t smile back. Someone needs to show them the love of God even if they keep growling and scowling! I love getting Jesus on their case!!! I learned some time ago that if someone is mean to me or others they are probably just really hurting, as someone said, “hurting people hurt people.” So I get em on my prayer hit list!!! Look out–blessings are gonna chase you down and pretty soon that frown will turn upside down into a perma-grin on your face because of God’s love!!! 

I really don’t care so much about whether or not people care for me–that is a waste of my time and energy! I also cannot judge them–for all I know they are deaf and have facial muscle disorders and aren’t able to smile–or maybe they are hurting deeply and have nothing to give–but I do pray God to bless them! I’m looking for ways to be a blessing. 

The love of God melts even the toughest hearts. It is easy to love those who love you, but not so easy to love those who cannot give you anything in return. We need His love to flow through us–we can only love because He first loved us!


I’m reminded that Jesus took the hit for us. He took the hit for the grumps of the world. He will take those prayers and acts of kindness towards those who are depleted of love and turn worlds inside out! 

Who in your life that needs to be on your prayer target list? Listen to The Lord for direction as to how you can pray and be a blessing to those in your world. Be a world changer by shooting your prayers like arrows on behalf of those who seem angry, mean or hurting and ask the Holy Spirit how you can show people the kindness of Jesus–even if it seems small. ☺️

Dear Father,

Send me to be the light in this dark world today. Let your love shine in me to ALL around me and show me how to be honoring to those who are not honoring to me so that they may see Jesus and come to know how much you love them too. In Jesus’ name, Amen


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