With Daylight savings approaching in a few hours, I’m reminded to FASHION FORWARD as well! This is the time of year I start to pack up my fall/winter clothes and re-introduce my spring/summer clothes!  As I take inventory of my closet his spring, I plan to find a few wardrobe updates to freshen up what I currently have. While it is indeed fun to update the seasonal wardrobe, money is usually the biggest factor. I’ve learned LOTS of ways to stay fashion forward without spending un-necessary dollars! There have even been times when I was able to new spring clothes without spending any money at all!!! If this interests you, read on!

10 Ways to be Glam on a Dime this spring:

1. Have a PLAN.
Sift through your closet at the beginning of the season and pull the things you don’t LOVE. What are the holes in your closet? Do you have 10 dressy tops but not even 1 pair of dress pants? Come up with a list of items you need and know what you have. What is on your list for this season? Is there anything you can stretch to wear another season? Keep what you love and toss what you don’t. Simple.

Knowing what you’re looking for before you hit the racks will help eliminate unnecessary purchases. Do your best not to buy impulsively and think about what you already have. Maybe you have a few terrific dresses you never wear because you just don’t have a place to wear them…could one of those be used instead of making a new purchase? Look for items that you can wear for many occasions. Find out what your best colors are and think about what you really enjoy wearing. Before making any purchase for your wardrobe, ask yourself the question: 1. What do I currently have in my wardrobe? 2. Do I wear what is in my wardrobe? Find out what you need, what you want, what you have and what you can live without. If you know what you have it will be so much easier to add to your wardrobe.

Plan ahead for events that you know you need a special outfit for…weddings, family photos…etc. When you plan ahead, chances are you’ll have a little time to scour some clearance racks, ask friends to borrow or find one of a kind pieces at thrift stores or consignment shops. Find outfits that you can mix and match and wear for multiple occasions simply by styling them differently. If you have questions about what to wear, see my #9 tip on Pinterest below!

4. INVEST in good, quality basic pieces.
This doesn’t mean spend a LOT. If you’re like me and you’re a little (LOT) thrifty, chances are you wear your clothes and shoes until they can’t be worn any more! I have learned that for items like shoes, purses and outerwear, that it is more cost-effective in the long run to purchase items that are quality made. Shop garage sales, thrift stores and clearance racks during the off season at the outlet malls and look for quality pieces that will last over the years. There have been many occasions when I’ve run across fantastic quality pieces at a thrift store simply because I knew what to look for and was able to snag a staple piece for a super deal!!

5. Be true to yourself.
Don’t just wear something because it is trendy. Many women (myself included) see something on a friend and assume that it is going to be right for us as well. This is not always the case. Wear an item because it is awesome on you and you feel amazing in it! Find out what your best colors are, what fabrics and fits are most flattering and stick with what works for you. There may be things in your closet you LOVED 5 hair styles ago, but are just not representative of your current style. If you have items in your closet that are not your color or that you love but never wear because they never quite “feel right” that is more than likely an indicator that they are not you. If it is stained or beyond repair, either find a re-use for it or toss it out.

6. Accessorize.
Can’t afford a new outfit this spring? Not to worry! Try a new scarf, belt, colorful tank top or statement necklace to change up your staple wardrobe or find pieces you already have to change up your current looks. You’d be amazed at what a little piece of costume jewelry can do to spruce up an old outfit! This is my FAVORITE way to change my wardrobe. Another trick is to take an old tarnished piece of costume jewelry that you already have and paint it with a pretty opaque shade of nail polish or even metallic polish! I have several pieces of silver costume jewelry that I have painted with silver nail polish and they look brand new for practically nothing! And if you know how to do some simple sewing, consider taking the old buttons off of an outdated blouse or cardigan and putting more modern ones on…sometimes a little button goes a long way to bring something old back to life!

7. Remember the LATTE RULE.
Don’t spend more than you would on a foo-foo latte drink to purchase a super trendy piece of clothing. Say whaaaat??? Yep–That is my rule. Has the style been around for awhile or is it something that is going to go out by the next season? I have found some high quality, VERY cute, trendy pieces for less than $10 at name brand stores simply because I’ve waited to shop the clearance racks. If something is ultra trendy, I will ask myself a few questions: . Does this look good on ME? Just because something is a trend doesn’t mean that it will be flattering to my shape or coloring. Do I NEEEEEEEED it? Just beacuse a $3 shirt fits and looks good doesn’t mean you NEEEEEEED it. Do you have an occasion to wear it for? If you don’t wear it again, what would you do with the item?

When you clean out your wardrobe at the end of each season, take a look at EVERY item in your closet and ask yourself or a friend if it STILL looks good on you. Is it in good condition? Are there visible stains or discolorations to the fabric? Any buttons missing or areas that need to be sewn? How does it fit? What can you give away? What is in great shape that could go to a consignment shop? I have a friend who also LOVES clothes, but we have an agreement that if we are going to give an item away, we ask the other one if they would like first dibs. This is wonderful to have a friend who wears the same size and has a great sense of style! Many of my “toss” items are her new wardrobe staples, and vice versa! Sell-what items have you got in your closet that you could sell for some extra cash for. There are several 2nd hand retail shops that will purchase your clothing from you. I often have a garage sale in the spring and in the fall and find that I make some good money on clothing I would’ve otherwise just had hanging in my closet. I also find that there are online garage sale pages on facebook dedicated to helping people sell their items. I have made hundreds doing this in just a short amount of time, and that way I don’t have to have much of a budget for newer items! I have been able to make money on many of my “latte” priced trendy pieces, and internally smile as the buyer purchases the gently used quality item for a fraction of what I paid for it NEW! Have a SWAP party with your friends and bring purses, shoes, or clothing that you don’t wear anymore and make exchanges with one another! Have a garage sale! Use money earned from your sales to put towards some new up-to date duds!

9. Get on PINTEREST!
Learn how to rock what you’ve got with Pinterest! Have a blazer you love but don’t know how to wear it? What to know how to wear a trendy necklace you got for Christmas? There are more than likely great ideas that will spark your memory of what you already have and how you can wear it! For example, I have a basic denim dress that I got for a super deal and thanks to Pinterest now have at least 15 different ways I can wear one dress! Love that!

Chances are, you have items that you certainly could wear for another season. If you love it, the fit is right and it is in good condition, there is no need to toss it. Don’t keep something because you “might” wear it in a few years! Sell it, trade it or give it away! Or find a re-purpose for it! Old sweaters can make really cute scarves or mittens! I’ve used RIT dyes to change the colors of my favorite items that just were not my best color and was so happy with the end result and was able to keep the item that was a perfect fit, but the wrong color. Wear what you have and be thankful for what you have. You may not like what is in your closet at times, but always remember to be thankful to God for His provision! Cute and fashionable clothes are NOT a necessity but a blessing. In our country we have an abundance that we are blessed with. If you have more than one pair of shoes, consider yourself rich! There are many parts of the world that don’t have the luxuries we do here. I never want to take for granted all that I’ve been blessed with! Maybe you have an abundance and know of someone who doesn’t have much….bag it up and give her the option to sort through it to see if she could use pieces that you don’t need. You’ll be blessed by the opportunity to give and she will be blessed to receive!

That’s my glam on a dime tips for the day! Set your clocks ahead and be fashion forward this spring!!!
Ginger ❤


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