Ahhhhk-ward! I can so relate to this! Well said my friend! ❤


“Oh, wait, you find greeting time during the church service awkward too?! I thought I was alone in that!” And so began a close friendship of a band of sisters who had known each other on a surface-level for years as church members but had never really known each other. We each struggled with seeing familiar faces every Sunday but not really, deep-down knowing them. Why? Because we avoided. We retreated within ourselves when it was time to connect with others. But when we connected, we began to realize that we are all very much the same, struggling with fears, expectations, and sins while seeking to love and be loved.

Awkward Greeting Time” (the title we jokingly gave this part of the church service which is dedicated to introducing ourselves to others), is for some, well, awkward. Yet it is one of many opportunities to connect on any given…

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