The Missing Bling

It was one of those super-mom kind of days. Mini-van packed with groceries, birthday gifts and baby shower gifts for various people, quickly yet carefully selected. We live about an hour and 15 minutes from any sort of mall, so I had planned my day in such a way that I could get all of my treasure hunting accomplished in time get home to greet my sweetie as he got off the bus.

Even in this rush on such a busy day, I decided to wear my gorgeous new earrings I had gotten as a gift (via gift card!) on my outing. Nothing totally special about my new earrings from a jeweler’s perspective…they cost about as much as a small latte, but they were just so pretty and I really enjoyed them. It wasn’t until I got home from Wednesday night church that night when I realized my left earlobe was bare and my faux bling was gone!

I had checked everywhere I knew to check, but still came up empty handed. I’ll admit, the dull ache of disappointment swept over me as I began to accept the loss of the sparkly twin. My attempts to self-talk my way into proper perspective–“this was something small and replaceable…don’t feel too bad” temporarily eased the ache, but I couldn’t shake the frustration towards myself that I had lost a gift. Even that morning I tried to be so responsible and made sure to secure the earring so that WOULDN’T happen, but despite all of my efforts it still went missing. I went from feeling like super-mom to a super-idiot. Grrrr.

A few days later, my husband gave me a call from his office at the church and said, “I found your earring honey!” At that moment, it was to me as though God gave me those earrings. The gift went from something so sweet and ordinary to a gift right from the hand of God. I knew He saw me that day and used the Hubs to be the conduit of His love and grace to me.

There are many days that doesn’t happen just this way. Things get lost and never found sometimes, but even when they don’t, God still sees. He cares when we hurt. He is moved with compassion, and in all of those moments He gives us the gift of Himself. And sometimes…He gives us earrings.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17

Peace & Giggles,


A Cheesy Mess

Oxygen is to my lungs as (all) cheese is to my tastebuds. I loveeeee cheese. Melted, shredded, moldy, low fat, high fat, smoked, hard,curds (especially curds) spreadable & soft…just give me cheese. Not that I ‘d stop breathing and need a cheese tank or anything if I don’t have enough pepper jack, but well…I think you smarties can catchy my drifty. And now, when I need (want) it most, I’m out of cheese. Just this morning I used up two succulent slices of pepper jack (oh don’t you judge…yes 2…) to blanket today’s fluffy breakfast omelet with extra gooey goodness. To my dismay, I didn’t plan well and forgot to write “cheese” on my grocery list. And now, I pull from the frozen tundra last of my homemade freezer meals some leftover and frozen Oh-so-delish with CHEESE. Without, it becomes a vast and dry wasteland of wanna-be pasta and freezer-sogged peppers. But melt on some mozzarella and that little defrosted gooey mess becomes instantly palatable.

I find that in so many ways, my life with out CHEESES is like a life without JESUS. (Groan….uh-huh I SO just went there). While fully cognizant that my relationship with God’s Son trumps my love for cheese any day, I sit staring at my cheese-less dinner (which is quickly dropping in temperature by now!) and realize that God can use anything to nudge us closer to Him. And tonight, He is using absent cheese. Very, very absent cheese.

Like my sad dinner without cheese, life without Jesus can feel like a vast, dry cheese-less wasteland. Unappetizing situations in our lives
and hearts soggy with the cares of this world, can lead us to places of despair if we keep our eyes on the mess. But when we put our focus on who He is in our mess, it lifts our perspective from the mess to the maker!

The psalmist says:

“I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” (‭Psalm‬ ‭121‬:‭1-2‬ NIV)

Lift up your focus from your mess and put it on your Maker! I point to myself as I’m writing this. My deepest need and desire is for more of Jesus, more of His Spirit to fill me up so that eyes on Jesus can always be my first response.
My Cheese-less pasta is so small and silly compared to the big stuff of the world. I recognize that some reading this may be in a deep dark pit that seems bland and hopeless. No matter the size of the mess or the amount of disappointment, God is there longing to infuse His strength, joy and power into our hearts. Our situation may not always change or turn out as we would like it to, but we can choose to make that situation a place where WE change our focus, lifting our eyes to our HELP and not on the heap!

Like the worship song says, “Give me Jesus…you can have all this world, just give me Jesus.” Just give me Jesus…but please, pass the Gouda. ❤

Pray with me…Heavenly Father, I choose now to lift my eyes from the messes in life and onto my Maker! YOU are the miracle in the mess! Thank you for always being with me and helping me to have great joy even when there is no cheese to grate! Ha! In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

Peace & Giggles,